The Benefits Of Children Playing House

One of the first thing you children will want to do is be like their mommies and daddies. This means that they will start playing house. This may seem like a silly game, but it can be used to teach them valuable lessons and skills.

You can develop their nurturing side by allowing them to have their own ‘baby’ in the form of a doll. Your kids can then walk around with these babies in their doll strollers, feed them and change their diapers. If they love to nurture from a young age, they’ll make better moms and dads themselves. This also teaches them a sense of responsibility in the same way that a pet would, without the risk of them hurting a living being. Once they’re a bit older, they can graduate from dolls to dogs. Having more than two kids would be ideal when playing house. This allows them to share responsibilities and learn how to work together, like they would have to when they get married. Knowing how to take turns and share responsibility is a skill that not many children have at a young age.

Playing house will make your children more confident. By pretending to be an adult with responsibilities, they get a sense of pride from running their own little household. Things like changing their doll’s nappy and pushing them in doll strollers or making somebody a meal can simultaneously teach them the importance of doing things or others and boost their confidence in their abilities. It will also lead them to respect their parents more. Since they’re still at the age where they love to emulate their parents, they will ingrain the idea of wanting to be like their parents into their minds. A teenager who used to pretend to be mommy will like their mother a lot more than one who never did.